Alo Wiza launches her new single “Fly”

On Friday April 9 singer-songwriter Alo Wiza  launched her brand new single “Fly”.

Alo Wiza: ” I wrote this song when I was in Florida. This is the very first song that I started and finished all in the same day. That also includes recording, producing, mixing and mastering. Amazing experience! Writing “Fly” I wanted it to be a fun, party dance hit with simple words everyone could relate to. Basically being with the one you love and needing his/her help to fly and escape reality”.

Alo Wiza: “This video is the craziest one I’ve done so far! From dance rehearsals in New York, then dance rehearsals in Atlanta with the choreographer Ahmed Zakzouk and 6 dancers. I can tell you I had my work cut out for me! Especially because I hadn’t danced in 8 months due to Covid19. And to top that all off I found two snakes willing to slither around in my video. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that! The director Liam Nelson and his team shot the video smoothly in 8 hours. Focusing mainly on the dancing and then ending with the snakes & me sitting on a make-shift throne”.

Alo Wiza is a singer-songwriter who was born in Aix-en-Provence of a Belgian mother and an Afro-American father.  Actually she stays in New York. Her native language is english.